Monday, December 28, 2015

Curing Cannabis How To Cure Cannabis

CureCork is a revolutionary marijuana curing system.
Never babysit your cannabis again!

- Fits effortlessly on any size container - from Mason Jars to 5+ gallon bucket
- Hands-free and fully automated to air your marijuana at the perfect time
- Completely programmable for cannabis curing preferences
- Works for everyone – commercial growers and individuals alike

Ensure the proper cure - every time!

Visit for more information, or to purchase your CureCork today!

Curing Cannabis
How to cure cannabis
Curing Marijuana
How to cure marijuana
Curing Weed
How to cure weed

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Roofing Colorado Springs (719) 494-9231 may also be of interest

(719) 494-9231

Severy Creek Roofing is Colorado Springs, CO’s trusted roofing contractor, providing professional, personalized service that home and business owners can trust.

As a Colorado Springs native, owner Steve Louden understands the Colorado elements that can range from 90+ degree temperatures to hail storms in the same day. These variations can be hard on your home! And with extensive insurance claims experience, Steve is an invaluable advocate during the claims process.

Don’t leave your roof to just anyone…
Call Severy Creek Roofing at 719-494-9231 to schedule Your FREE INSPECTION Today!

Severy Creek Roofing 
29 S. Sierra Madre
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
 Phone: (719) 494-9231